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03.26.07 - 1:36 AM
I'm about to play another show, my second this year. People seem to like this "band" and that makes me happy. I wonder if eveyone would tire of the concept if I had the schedule of a normal band.

That said, I'm contemplating recording, though I don't know what the purpose of such exercise would be, seeing as I think the live experience is a necessary part of the music. Bleh.

10.24.05 - 1:11 AM
I practiced this evening for the upsoming show. It was noteable because I practiced with amps, rather than DI. I haven't done that since not long after the previous show in January 2004. Oh yeah, my amps sound awesome, bitches!

09.13.05 - 1:30 PM
Cartographer is returning!

12.29.04 - 4:11 PM
Cartographer went on hold after Ryan Gan moved to Orange County. it was no fun. Now it must reappear.

01.27.04 - 10:36 pm
The show last night was rockin', but now my ankle hurts. Ryan whooped azz. Jaime snapped shotz. Thanks to Conan, M. Schaffer, and Rich Mackin for having me and sorry the Cartographer had to dart out on the early, secret maps needed studying.

01.26.04 - 1:07 pm
We got a new member. Ryan Gan, formerly of the librarians, is singing.

4.28.03 - 9:55 am
The show went well, though I couldn't read the reaction too well. I need to finish the album, or really just start the recording process.

4.15.03 - really late
I recorded a song tonight called "uneasy on the eyes".
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